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Benefits of Membership in MRA

Membership in the Minnesota Rehabilitation Association (MRA) is obtained when you register for membership in the National Rehabilitation Association (NRA). Membership offers excellent opportunities to further develop your professional skills, knowledge and relationships. MRA provides comprehensive information about the issues, practices, and ethics affecting vocational rehabilitation in Minnesota.

The Benefits and rewards of membership include:

Networking, Representation and Advocacy

When you become of MRA, you also become a member of the national Association, National Rehabilitation Association or NRA. You belong to an organized network of professional colleagues. You are represented locally and in Washington D.C. with an effective voice on rehabilitation-related issues, concerns and priorities.

Professional Development

Statewide training conferences feature leading educators, planners, practioneers, policymakers, and presenters of all types of topics, concepts and issues pertinent to rehabilitation in Minnesota.

Education and Training Credits

Additional training opportunities are offered by several divisions of MRA as separate one-day training sessions.

CRC/CEU Credits are available at all MRA conferences and most training events.

Leadership Opportunities

MRA provides direct access and many opportunities for involvement in local, statewide, regional and national conferences, committees and professional leadership forums.

Newsletters and Professional Publications

MRA's' quarterly newsletter the "Spotlight" provides informative articles, training announcements, conference registration materials, and is an important "source" for rehabilitation resources and contact information. Members also receive "Contemporary Rehabilitation", NRA's bi-monthly newsletter covering national and regional activities, resources and job opportunities. You also receive The Journal of Rehabilitation, NRA's scholarly publication on cutting edge rehabilitation research.

Student Involvement

Students gain an introduction to the larger rehab community by attending conferences, at bargain rates. There are many opportunities to network with potential employers and to socialize with professionals within the field of vocational rehabilitation. There are also Student Representatives who attend MRA Board meetings.

MRA Scholarships

This scholarship fund is set up by the Minnesota Rehabilitation Association with the vision of helping current and active MRA members access more training opportunities.

Scholarship dollars are available to support MRA or NRA sponsored event/training, or Governmental Affairs event/training. The applicant must meet the minimum criteria listed below. Scholarship recipients represent MRA and its membership and do so in a manner which positively reflects the association.

Learn more at our Resources webpage.

Peer Review Compliance

Members of MRA's MASPPR Division ( MN. Assn. of Service Providers in Private Rehabilitation) meet the states' requirement for membership in a professional organization that offers a peer review process.

Professional Liability Insurance

Affordable professional liability insurance, and Health Care Benefit packages are available to members through NRA/MRA.


Through NRA/MRA members enjoy discounted rates on hotel reservations and auto insurance.

NRA Credit Card

Members are eligible for a special "NRA Platinum Master Card".

Professional Affiliations

MRA has a number of "Divisions" offering affiliation with your areas of professional interest. See our website for a list of Divisions, and check the last page of any "SPOTLIGHT" for who to contact regarding Divisional membership and current activities.


Members are eligible for a special "NRA Platinum Master Card".


By clicking on the link below, you will be transferred to an external website, the parent association of MRA that is NRA, the National Rehabilitation Association where you may register and become a member!



For more information on membership contact:

Micah Olson

Vocational Rehabilitation Services

15322 Galaxie Avenue Suite 200

Apple Valley, Minnesota 55124