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President's Welcome 2020!

President Laura Vitzthum

Welcome members of MRA to a new year!

My name is Laura Vitzthum and I will be serving as the MRA President for 2020. This is a big year for the field of rehabilitation. This is the 100th anniversary of vocational rehabilitation! It is the intention of MRA to serve as advocates for individuals with disabilities and work to ensure that vocational rehabilitation is around for another 100 years.

Some action steps identified at our January board meeting is working with the Governmental Affairs Committee to encourage MRA members to contact local legislators. We are updating a laminated flyer that MRA created last year to inform people about the work of MRA.

Tuesday, November 3rd is election day in Minnesota, and it is important that MRA members and our local legislators are educated on issues that impact individuals with disabilities. One area of need that I am sure many of you would agree upon is Minnesota’s shortage of accessible and reliable transportation.

I am a firm believer in being as inclusive as possible. Our MRA board is full but MRA members are welcome to serve on MRA board committees and we would love any support you are willing to provide. We are an organization comprised of volunteers so the more help the more effective we will be.

Laura Vitzthum
MRA President

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